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Meet Kev

Holistic Engineer, Mindset Coach, & Diverse Creative

Founder of Awkwa Vision LLC


Mixing Music & Cultivating Mindset: A 15-Year Saga

From his early days in garage bands and hip-hop groups to diving into music production in 2008, Kevin's path has been marked by a profound connection to sound and spirituality.

During college, he delved into recording arts and music production while pondering life's deeper questions. This led to transformative experiences, including a five-year residency in Yosemite National Park, where he found solitude and inspiration, fostering reflections on mindfulness, music, and entrepreneurial goals.

Embracing humility in a janitorial role, Kevin felt drawn to his true calling. This led him away from the monotony of a 9-to-5 lifestyle, towards full-time service as an audio engineer and personal coach.


Through his FlowState mixing program, Kevin helps refine student’s music production skills, guided by yin and yang philosophy. He also assists others in reshaping internal narratives through meditation, affirmation, and consultation.

Kevin's passions extend beyond the music; he's a devoted family man, Kung Fu student, and conscious hip-hop practitioner. His lyrics and writings reflect unique perspectives and personal experiences, including navigating loss and fostering emotional intelligence.


At his core, Kevin believes everyone is on a journey of self-mastery. As a guide, he seeks to transform perspectives and shape mindsets, blending sound, spirituality, and personal development to empower others on their path to fulfillment.


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PO Box 1261

Mariposa CA, 95389

(209) 432-3697

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