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Struggling to perfect your song mixes?

Discover FlowState Mixing.

Where Inner Balance Meets Sonic Brilliance

 Learn More In The Video Below & Book Your Call Today

We’ll Assess Your Mix to Pinpoint your Biggest Challenges &


Lay out a Personalized Roadmap to help you achieve

Instant and Ongoing Results with your Music Mixing Skills

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4 Monthly Coaching Openings • Priority Waitlist Available

What Is FlowState Mixing?

Engage in Personalized Sessions as you team up with an experienced engineer

Enjoy The Process of enhancing your sound with proven, plug-and-play presets

Build Yin-Yang Mindset for endless growth, even after our sessions

Want To Hear From Artists Like Yourself Who Have Worked With Me?

Discover their stories...

Tom Evans | Artist

"The knowledge was great. Your vocal chain was actually beautiful.

It just made a difference immediately.

Liz Petra | Artist

"My success with music, editing, and writing has blossomed, and I truly believe I wouldn’t have made it this far without a great coach like Kevin. Don’t hesitate on this opportunity to work with someone who will elevate you and your goals, no matter if they are mental, spiritual, or musical."


Mike Starr | Artist

“I enjoyed every level of working with this man and I can’t wait to do more with him. Anyone who needs mixing or coaching — Awkwa Vision.

4 Monthly Coaching Openings • Priority Waitlist Available

So, Why FlowState Mixing?

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Let's be honest — releasing your music without a solid mix is like

capturing a breathtaking photo, but the most mesmerizing details

are hidden in the shadows.


That's where FlowState Mixing comes in.

It’s your express lane to high quality mixing, erasing years of costly

trial and error, so you can unveil the hidden strengths of your music.

By embracing simplicity within,

awareness transcends technicality.

Hear The Results For Yourself:
"True Influence" (before)
After FlowState Mixing

Together, We'll Chart Your Path To:

Unveil The Hidden Strengths In Your Music

Achieve High Quality, Professional Mixes

Eliminate All the Technical Guesswork

Enjoy a Mindful, Streamlined Mix Process 

4 Monthly Coaching Openings • Priority Waitlist Available

Ready to unveil the Hidden Strengths in Your Music?
Take The First Step To FlowState Mixing:

-Lao Tzu

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Audio Equipment

Artists Trust In Quality & Service

See For Yourself…

Señor Gigio | Artist

"He has so much experience under his belt & so much to offer. Yet he possesses a childlike playfulness in his approach that makes him easy for others to work with, regardless of their level of experience."

Lephty | Artist

"Awkwa Vision has a great ear! Extremely versatile in his craft, and flexible with ideas. His humble approach makes collaborating a very genuine experience."


Preed One | Producer

"Always professional. My mixes are always on point and my dude is extremely passionate about his craft. Awkwa Vision is definitely a sure shot! Super flexible as well. Always a dope experience working with this man."

4 Monthly Coaching Openings • Priority Waitlist Available

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